Coffee & Conversation

Join me for a cup of coffee - my treat!

Join me for a cup of coffee - my treat!

Today is National Coffee Day! I can't get through the day without my coffee! How many of you are like me? Coffee is a social beverage. Every day friends and business associates alike, spend time together while sipping on their favorite brew of joe.

In celebration of coffee and people spending time together, I'd like to invite you to spend an hour with me - one on one. We can talk about whatever you'd like!

  • Maybe you own a business that you'd like to share with me.
  • Maybe you have a financial planning question or a concern about your investments that you'd like some free advice on.
  • Or, we can simply get to know each other better.

Please click HERE to block out your own one-on-one meeting with me at the Panera Bread in Powell on either Friday October 11th or Monday October 14th.

And by the way, the coffee is on me!

Warm regards,
Matt Stewart